Breastfeeding and Maternity Clothes

"New range of innovative clothes that carry you from maternity through breastfeeding and beyond...

Standard delivery of R80 anywhere in South Africa

Multi-functional (maternity, breastfeeding & beyond) wear

Our range of multi-functional wear takes you on journey from pregnancy, through breastfeeding and beyond.

It is manufactured from the finest quality cotton stretch materials, designed to offer comfort and style throughout your pregnancy, functionality for breastfeeding and best of all its still super stylish to wear thereafter.

These items offer exceptional value for money.

Breastfeeding Wear

Inspired Mum's breastfeeding clothes offers functionality with style. It caters for the working mum and the stay-at-home mum. Breastfeeding is hard and sometimes demoralising, but the bond created through the shared experience is second to none. Our designs sometimes conceal zips and panels, other times integrate it into design features but always provide for discreet feeding.

I am shy, not everyone is... and even if I wasn't I would not want to risk exposure when we live in an era of sexual predators and bias.

Friendly and warm service from the owner. Custom made my sets for a plus size that was not included in their range. I really felt very special and for them to go and create it just for me, so that I, a plus plus size breastfeeding mom can also be warm and comfy. Thank you for helping me. It really meant alot and I cant wait to order more from you

Elrinda Oosthuizen

What an absolute pleasure ordering my feeding pjs from Inspired Mum. Within 2 days received my order and they even included a few free gifts which was such a wonderful surprise.

The pjs material is perfect for the cold weather and a great option for moms who are breastfeeding.

Amazing service and product ❤❤❤

Bronwyn Pretorius

Your blue knit jersey is absolutely beautiful and soft on my skin

Lana Tillack

About Us

Nirvada Moodley

I am a business owner truly INSPIRED by my motherhood journey

I am a mama, who after having two kids identified a few unique needs that the South African market was unable to satisfy. As a brand new mum, I came home from the hospital sleep deprived and exhausted, in extreme pain and overwhelmingly emotional. In the days that followed I became more and more self-conscious as every person who came to meet my little person would look in while I was nursing him. So for me, while exclusive breastfeeding was a precious and celebrated bonding experience with my new-born, I was still a very reserved, conservative mum as I am certain many new mums are! Both my kids hated having their faces covered and as such readily available breastfeeding covers/shawls where not an option. I struggled to find a good variety of comfortable, good quality, well fitting, locally made discreet breastfeeding friendly clothes. Having always had a creative streak, I ultimately took on the challenge to design my own range of discreet breastfeeding clothes! 

In the course of navigating parenthood, the teething phase saw us go through dozens of bibs a day, soaking straight through and then requiring dozens of clothing changes. We found ourselves buying dozens of bibs from various different outlets in search of one that actually fit well around our baby’s delicate neck, rather than hanging so loosely that his skin/clothes were left exposed and eventually set about designing our own.

And then our daughter was born…. and sugar and spice and all things nice… who could resist designing bespoke dresses for her! …and so began the labour of love that is “INSPIRED MUM” where we decided to put our designs into production and make them available to the South African public.